There Are Two Kinds of People | 左边还是右边? 你是属于哪种人呢?

Life / October 6, 2014

Zomato created a series of interesting posters, “There are two kinds of people” grouping people into two categories.

Although it might not truly accurate, it is still fun to go down the list and see which group you belong too!

Zomato 创作了一系列插画海报,简略的把人们分为两个类别?



two_kind_of_people-01 two_kind_of_people-02 two_kind_of_people-03 two_kind_of_people-04 two_kind_of_people-06 two_kind_of_people-08 two_kind_of_people-09 two_kind_of_people-13 two_kind_of_people-15 two_kind_of_people-16 two_kind_of_people-17 two_kind_of_people-18 two_kind_of_people-19 two_kind_of_people-20 two_kind_of_people-21 two_kind_of_people-11 two_kind_of_people-10 two_kind_of_people-07 two_kind_of_people-05 two_kind_of_people-14 two_kind_of_people-12

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