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Screamin’Ora Logo


Ask. Get to know what is our Client, Screamin’ ORA about and doing research on their industry, history and competitors.



Conceptualisation and brainstorming. Decide the logo design direction due to the information from research.



Production of logo. Turn our ideas and concept into forms and identity. Thus, present logo designs to Screamin’ ORA.



Getting feedbacks from Screamin’ ORA. Collaborative and consolidate all the feedbacks provide by clients.



Finalise the design and submit to client again for their approval. Ready to provide it in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file and editable PDF file.

Portfolio - ScreaminOra Coffee logo design
Portfolio - ScreaminOra Coffee logo design

Healthy and Lifestyle

Shape of circle to represent commitment and community, and the leaves represent natural. We want to bring out Screamin’Ora is a community to encourage and cultivate healthy diet and lifestyle.

We use gold as primary colour, supporting with organic dark green, to create the atmosphere of prosperity and health.

Health and wealth are inextricably linked in a set of mutually reinforcing and dynamic relationships, and they compliment each other.

Portfolio - ScreaminOra Coffee Namecard

Business Card Design

Opportunity for Screamin’ ORA to make a strong and positive impression, to help customer recognise the brand and get in touch.

We also applying the same brand font treatment and brand colours treatment into name card design.

Label Design for Caffe De Ora

Creative design packaging label for Caffe De Ora. Caffe De Ora, Keto Coffee which combination with premium coffee bean and fats, particularly contain coconut oil and Luo Han Guo Abstract.

Caffe De Ora is the first product of Screamin’ ORA.


Multilingual Website

We designed and develop a multilingual website for Screamin’ ORA, to target audiences from different ethnic groups. Besides curated content to promote the business, the website is equipped with crucial features like contact form, “one-click” WhatsApp button which website visitor can chat with Screamin’ ORA on WhatsApp.

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