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Business Card, Custom Design, Graphic Design, Sticker / September 15, 2015

We help our client, Unidbox Hardware Pte. Ltd. to achieve the competitive, we ensure we’re always thinking of new ways to communicate their product or service. By the way, we do surveys for the better result.

Unidbox Name Card Design - Front & Back

Unidbox Name Card Design – Front & Back

We are happy to deliver business name card and label design for Unidbox Hardware Pte. Ltd. which was incorporated in Singapore. They are selling hardware for heater, fan, kitchen, bathroom and etc.

Unidbox Label Design

Unidbox Label Design

Unidbox Multi-size Label Design

Unidbox Multi-size Label Design

We do printing for them as well. They are happy with our printing quality and services, will looking forward for future business related printing with us.


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