Recently we launched a website for our client, TongkatAli Pro is providing Tongkat Ali Essence which is made from strictly selected authentic Malaysia Tongkat Ali plant roots, as a daily supplement to consumer.

3 Core Values

We discussed the requirements with client, to determine the objective of this business website. At the end we conclude that we should start off with 3 identified core values that we want to project through the website.

They are:

  1. Natural food
  2. Safe to consume
  3. Effective


Brainstorming ideas for



Given that one of the TongkatAli Pro aim is to introducing the products into China market, there is a Mandarin version of this website. User can easily toggle between their preferred language. Besides, not only reaching China audience, this helps to approach local Chinese audience too.


Quick Link to WhatsApp

On the website, user can just tap on the contact number and it opens up a conversation with contact person in WhatsApp. This Quick Link enable user to contact business owner sleeplessly.


Mobile Friendly

Not only looking good on desktop and laptop computer, we need to make the website mobile friendly too. As there are users with different devices, we designed and optimized the website in a way that it looks good, easy to read on different screen sizes, including tablet and mobile phone. website is designed to adapt to different screen sizes.



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