We launched a business website for the dental clinic located at Mahkota Cheras. GloryDentalSurgey.com aims to introduce latest promotions to potential customers, and also as a contact point for customers to contact and make appointment.


Welcome Message

The website greets audience with special promotions and great deals of Glory Dental Surgery.


Quick Info

As most of the website visitors might want to contact Glory Dental Clinic directly for inquiry or making appointment, contact number is included on the first screen, easily found in the top right corner.


Key Services

Services are organized carefully according to categories, to ensure they can be easily navigated by users.


Contact Point

The most critical feature is the “Request for a callback” form. The user experience of the form I optimized to ensure user can make a request easily.


Selling Points

Selling points are summarized for the ease of reading. A “Call-to-action” is added to compliment the layout visually.


Location Map

A live google Map is included. User can find the direction easily, which is just a click away on the Google Map.


Quick WhatsApp

The contact details of Glory Dental Clinic include a button that allows user to quickly chat with in WhatsApp. This will increase the efficiency for user to contact Glory Dental Clinic as user can reach them with just one click.


Mobile Friendly

Last but not least, GloryDentalSurgery.com is optimized for different screen sizes and devices to ensure the quality of user experience.

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