Danwan Corporation Sdn Bhd is an outdoor advertising company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, providing services on varies of outdoor advertising such as billboard, fly over signboard, LED screen and etc.



The layout of every pages on the website are carefully arranged for visual consistency. All content elements are precisely aligned.

The yellow strips show the grids system for website layout.
Color Scheme

The colors scheme of the website is derive from the company logo, and also the feather of the Kingfisher bird. [row][col-sm-6]logo [/col-sm-6][col-sm-6]kingfisher-tn[/col-sm-6][/row]





For the website content, to emphasize the page title, the page title comes in full uppercase and its color is reversed compare to the content (white text on dark background). Bigger text in the leading paragraph to lead the readers vision on their eye flow. Links are highlgihted in bright orange color.



Website Features

Photos gallery to showcase previous successful projects.

Danwan Outdoor Advertising Website Photos Gallery
Photos gallery to showcase previous projects.


Complete contact inform, enhance with a live Google map.

Danwan Outdoor Advertising Website Contact form equipped with Google map
Contact form equipped with Google map


Mobile friendly. The layout and font size smartly adjust themselves on different screen sizes.



Checkout their website here: DanWanOutdoor.com

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