We are happy to revamp u•b•u™ products website at http://www.ubuproducts.com/, u•b•u™ products selling personalized products came from a hand-drawn greeting card that Cindy Rotberger received from a friend 23 years ago. “My friend drew stick figures of people in her family – it was really cute.” Cindy was sure people would love to be able to buy printed products with stick figures that resembled people they knew. Her friend’s card arrived at just the right time – Cindy had been working in real estate and was on the lookout for something different.

Cindy began drawing little stick figures, found a manufacturer to produce rubber stamps, and showed her designs to retailers in her area. “Everyone who saw the samples wanted them and I soon realized I had something,” said Cindy. With this, u•b•u™ was born.

From there, Cindy started exhibiting her stamps at trade shows, recruited dealers and salespeople and expanded the product line. In 23years, u•b•u™ grew from a one-product, home-based business to a thriving company with over 20 unique products, including made-to-order cookies.

u•b•u’s trademark is a little, smiling stick figure that can be customized to reflect a person’s appearance, hobby or occupation. We make it easy to create an image that looks like a friend or family member, even a pet. There are over 150 heads and 800 stick figure characters to choose from – as well as numerous hairstyles, hair colors, hats and skin tones. There are over a 1,000,000 different combinations.

According to Cindy, the secret to the success of u•b•u™ personalized products is its unique product line, a flow of fresh, new ideas and a steady focus on what dealers and their customers want. “It took us a few years to understand the business,” she said. “We realized you can’t sit still. We’re always adding new items and we listen to what our customers have to say.” Today u•b•u™ personalized products are sold by retailers all across the United States and Canada.

u•b•u™ delivers value through originality in design, quality, pricing, robust Web-based order capabilities and outstanding customer service. In addition, we are committed to supporting our dealers with state-of-the-art marketing tools and programs.

Cindy is the exclusive designer of u•b•u™ products, but she enjoys being involved in all aspects of the business. It is not uncommon to hear her on the telephone helping a customer design a one-of-a-kind personalized product. She loves what she does – and it shows in the attention to detail you’ll see in every u•b•u™ product.

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u•b•u™ website design – pink
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u•b•u™ website design – purple
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u•b•u™ facebook fanpage cover design

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