About East West International College

EWIC has its origins in Institut Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang, which provided quality education to many Malaysian students from 1995. The college was transferred to Negeri Sembilan and renamed as East West College. The college aims to continue providing quality education to Malaysian students as well as international students from the region.



Home Page Overview

Home page, also known as the landing page, is the first impression, the first thing website visitor will see when they reach the website. For EWIC website, the home page is utilized with an call-to-action form to attract prospect visitors to opt-in. Quick links is available for visitors to get to the desire information faster. Besides, important and latest news are also appear on the home page to increase their exposure.

Home page overview.
Call-to-action on home page.
Quick links on home page.


Visual Design

To ensure smooth reading experience, content is divide into smaller chunk with columns, subtitle, images and graphic elements such as icon. Images are also use to enhance and help delivering the messages.

Font type and font size are carefully tuned to suit the image of EWIC college.

Images are used to enhance the content.
Content designed to enhance reading experience.


Usability Design

The navigation on the website is designed to make the readers reach the information they are looking for, in shortest time, as few clicks as possible.

Helpful information is displayed on eye-catching position to help readers to harvest the information.

User-friendly quick links to take readers to related information.
Useful contact information.



Visit the live site ewic.edu.my.

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