Have a Facebook Fanpage for your brand? Are you making use of it in the right way? Here is a list of how you can make use of your Facebook Fanpage to help your business.

 1. Have A Recognizable Profile Photo

You can use your business logo as profile picture of your Fanpage.

2. Complete Details About Your Brand

Provide comprehensive details of your business on your Facebook Fanpage, such as contact information, business hours, business location, type of services. You are doing favor for people who want to reach you.

3. Always Reply To Message & Comment

Always reply to message and comment on your Fanpage, even the negative one. Your potential client will judge you by reading comments and reviews about you.

4. Utilize Your Cover Photo

Take advantage of the big space on the top of your Fanpage to shout out the most important info you want to tell your fans. Such as your incredible products or coming soon promotion. The cover photo is the first thing come into view when people land on your Fanpage.

Include your promotion in your cover photo.
Include your promotion in your cover photo.


5. Content For Your Target Audience

Bake your content just for your targeted audience (A.K.A. potential clients).

6. Add New Post Frequently

Schedule your updates and have your fans following. You can study the Insight of your Fanpage and plan the most suitable time to publish your posts. Actively publish new post will increase your exposure.

7. Organize Contest

Occasionally organize contest on your Facebook Fanpage. Get your fans excited with your brand!

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