In this example, we will create a variation product, which is a T-Shirt with variations of size and color.

Step 1
When your are editing a product, scroll down to Product Data, and Select Variable Product.

Step 2
Click Add to add custom product attribute.

Step 3
Click on Attributes.

Step 4
Enter attribute name, for this example, it is “Color”.

Enter values option of attribute, separate them with a pipe symbol, “|”.
For eg: “White | Yellow | Orange | Red | Blue | Black”

Check Used for variations.

Step 5
Click Save Attributes.

Repeat Step 3 to 5 to add other attribute such as size, collar and etc.


Now we will use these attributes to build up the variation of this product.
Eg of variety combination: “Red, M size, Round Collar”, “Blue, Any Size, V Neck” and etc.
We will need to create each combination accordingly if their pricing are different.

Step 6
Click on Attributes.

Step 7
We can select default (pre-selected) option when customer is making order.

Step 8
Click on Go to add variation.

Step 9
Select desire combination of variation. Click on the triangle icon to expand for more details.

Enter pricing and other optional details.

Click on Save Changes when done.

Repeat Step 6 to Step 9 for other combination of variation.


Remember to save your product by clicking on the blue “Publish” or “Save” button.


The variation will show up as option at product front-end.

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