customer-00[/col-sm-8][col-sm-4]Click on the “Orders” link in your control bar.[/col-sm-4][/row]

[row][col-sm-8]customer[/col-sm-8][col-sm-4]You will see a list of orders from your online shop.[/col-sm-4][/row]

[row][col-sm-8]order-procsessing[/col-sm-8][col-sm-4]Click on the “” to set your order to processing.[/col-sm-4][/row]



Click on the the “tick” button to set the order to complete.
Your customer will automatically receive an email upon order completion.[/col-sm-4][/row]

[row][col-sm-8]remove-order[/col-sm-8][col-sm-4]To remove unwanted, tick on the order, click on “Bulk action”, select “Move to Trash” and click “Apply”.[/col-sm-4][/row]

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