[row][col-sm-8]login-01[/col-sm-8][col-sm-4]At any page of your website, click on the “My Account” on top of your page.[/col-sm-4][/row]

[row][col-sm-8]login-02[/col-sm-8][col-sm-4]Fill in your username and password. Click on “Remember me” if you are using your own computer so you do not have to login again next time. Click on the “Login” button.[/col-sm-4][/row]

[row][col-sm-8]login-03[/col-sm-8][col-sm-4]Now you are logged in, you can see a black control bar on the top of your website.[/col-sm-4][/row]

[row][col-sm-8]logout[/col-sm-8][col-sm-4]Click the “Log Out” link in the top right corner to logout.[/col-sm-4][/row]

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