Icetown Malaysia serve the food from different cultures includes the local Malaysian culture, Thai Food culture, Taiwanese culture, Western food and other Asian culture including foods, main course, beverages, snacks, snow ice desert. We provide photography service for all the menu items including foods, beverages, snacks, juice, tea and snow ice desert. Below is our IceTown Menu Photography Service show case.


Location 地点: IceTown Restaurant Melaka 马六甲冰临城下餐厅
Duration 时间: Around 9 hours 大概九小时

I need a Photography service 我需要摄影服务

Snow Ice Desert Photography 雪花冰摄影

The Show Ice Desert in IceTown Malaysia is always 100% made from natural fruits, no added artificial chemicals, food colourings and other chemical material.


Snacks Photography 小吃摄影


Beverages Photography 饮料摄影

juice tea



Noodles Photography 面,米粉,粿条部摄影


I need a Photography service 我需要摄影服务

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