The first and foremost approach to introduce your products on the Internet is using photos.

If there are a few items you want to sell and you do not feel like hiring an photographer, you can do it on yourself at home. A sophisticating high end camera is not necessarily, you smart phone should be good enough to do the job.

When shooting photograph for your products, there is no certain mandatory rule that you must always stick with, but these tips will help you to get started.

1. Brightness

Bright photo will make your product attractive and the audience can observe your products in details.

2. Clear Image

No tripod? find something to support your arm, wrist or camera to stabilize your camera to take a sharp photo.

3. Clean Background

Uncluttered background let your audience focus on your product but not anything else in the photo. You can use a piece of white paper as background.

4. Comparison

Audience might want to know how big or how small your products is, you can put an common item such as a coin or ruler next to your product.

5. Multiple Views

Tell audience how is the back, the side, inside of your product looks like.

6. Usage Example

Showcase how to use your product, how your product fit into and improve the daily life of its users.


Product Photography Tips. Click to enlarge.

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