From Jurong, Singapore

We created a website for interior design agency, JAS, to make their presence online. With this website, the agency can showcase their awesome interior design concept and works online.
Business Website - JAS hand drawn design.

The Identity

When creating the website for interior design agency, we want to present the character of the agency, friendly, caring and hands-on. Moreover, to deliver a feeling of JAS is always taking good care on the customer and the work progress.

Hence we include “hand-drawn” elements on the website, to bring out the “hands-on” accent.

The Selling Points

Home renovation is one of the most significant agenda in life, as most people will spend years or decades in the same house after the renovation is completed. Hence, in the website, we try to highlight the core value of JAS, to tell why JAS is the right choice.

Showcase of Portfolios

The popular questions when looking for an ID (interior designer) is, “How good are they?” Therefore, we include “Recent Works” on the website to answer this question.

Mobile Optimized

We created JAS website with users from different platforms in mind. Thus, the user experience on laptop, tablet, and mobile are optimised to ensure they can easily find needed information on the website.

JAS Business Website - Mobile Optimised
JAS Business Website One-click WhatsApp

One-click WhatsApp

User can simply tap on the contact name or number, and start chatting with JAS directly on WhatsApp.

Website for Interior Design Agency

Take a look at the live website of JAS:

Business Cards

Beside website design, we also created design for JAS business cards.

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