Fresh & Colourful

Creative and hands-on design

For the branding of art & craft studio, we use a variations of warm and bright colours. For instance, we started with a beige colour, and span to pink, purple, green and blue.

With the colours theme, we want to create the atmosphere of happy and organic.

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Concept offer various of art and craft products, include organic hand-made soap.

All products are mostly handmade, with organic ingredients. For example, the handmade soap, they could consists of different oil, such as coconut oil, shea butter oil and other oils.

In addition, the handmade soap could be scented with essential oil, such as lavender, sweet orange, rose, and many more.

Art & Craft Products and Services

Door gifts, greeting cards, hand gifts and more. offer various of creative door gifts, greeting cards, hand gifts for different occasions such as event, wedding or any celebration.

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