Social Media Banners Design

Sambucol Singapore are looking for creative agency who are ready to work on inspiring social media banners design.

Social media platform, especially Facebook, is becoming one of the most prominent channel for business to reach existing and potential customer. This project is to create inspiring social media banners design for Sambucol Singapore social media platform. The banners will be used to run marketing campaign, boost brand and product awareness, and to introduce promotion to the mass audience. 

Sambucol (black elderberry) is berry from European Black Elder Tree. Black elder berries has been use traditionally as remedy for cold and flu, and to boost immune system. A bottle of 120ml Sambucol is equivalent up to 1000 black elderberries.


Build it with the Sambucol brand and standout among competitors and capture attention

One of the requirements of social media banners is to capture attention, standout from other massive information on social media platform. Thus, we have invested on research base on the target audience, the parents. As the result, the banners design shall be cute, to tell it is product for kids in a glance, and wisely at the same time to convince the parents as the potential customers.

Inspired by the brand’s guide, we derived different shades of purple from the natural colour of black elderberries. By that, we managed to establish the Sambucol branding in the banner design.


Good design is effective. Social media banners design to support overall marketing strategy.

Sambucol Singapore runs TVC, banner ads, PR programs, pay-per-click, retail ads, road show, event marketing and other campaigns frequently. Hence the designs of social media banners shall be aligned and consistent with other marketing campaigns.

Besides, social media banners can also bring traffic to Sambucol website, and potentially lead the traffic to the retail shop.

Sambucol Singapore are keeping up to the trends and happenings. Hence, during Circuit Breaker period in Singapore, we created banners with characters on face mask. Besides, we also created banners with seasonal themes such as School Holiday, Work From Home, Back To Work, Back To School, or even sharing some baking recipe with used of Sambucol Products.

Social Media Contest

Awesome ideas to increase engagement

Several months down the road, we were running a social media contest. For instance, customers can win reward by sharing product testimonials. This contest is killing many birds with one stone, while promoting the products, Sambucol Singapore can gather positive feedback from existing customers.

Below are the social media contest banner design.

Animated Social Media Banner

Something interactive and increase engagement

Below are the some of the animated social media banner design.

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