We had done a few design works for Miracle Holistic, a organic food wholesaler from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We had interview them about the experience of using our services and they provide us with fantastic feedback! Below is the feedback from Janelle Ng:

1. What were your biggest fear before you using our services? Did it happened in the end?

The misunderstanding of design concept. We are happy to work with Passion In Design, as designer understanding well the concept of design that our company looking for.

2. What is the value that you like the most from our services?

The service is fast and good. We used to get reply and amended artwork from designer very soon. Thus, it saves our time and increases productivity. Besides, the designer is nice and well-tolerated. This good attitude of work definitely made our communication easier and more effectively.

3. If you would recommend our service to your best friend, how would you introduce us?

Passion In Design is an innovative and interactive firm which specializing in web, print, identity and modern contemporary design. You will be satisfy and happy to work with this company.

4. Is there anything else you would like to add?

We are looking forward and will be pleased for the next successful cooperation soon.



These are the design work we deliver to Miracle Holistic:

  1. Bentong Ginger Powder Label Packaging
  2. Organic Buckwheat Tea Box Packaging
  3. Beetroot Oat Milk Label Packaging Design
  4. Mother’s Day Promo Sticker Design
  5. GLG Powder Packaging Label Design


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