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One-stop solution to create an effective & personalized
presence for your business on the internet.

WebShop is an one-stop eCommerce solution to market your business online. It is specially catered for businesses and online seller to create an effective & personalized presence to engage with mass audience on the Internet, and eventually, selling online.



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Get found on the internet!

[fontawesome street-view class=”fa-2x”] Online Presence

Most people survey online before they make decision to use a product or service. Getting found online allow consumers to know about your business beforehand.

[fontawesome search class=”fa-2x”] For Search Engine

On WebShop, the content, design, and programming are all optimized and comply with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

[fontawesome diamond class=”fa-2x”] Business Credibility

Beside increasing the exposure of your business, an professional and well curated WebShop content will build up the authority and credibility.

[fontawesome comments class=”fa-2x”] Online Advertising

Online advertising is probably one of the most cost-effective advertising method as it can be targeted according to the demographic of your prospective audience such as gender, age groups, geo-location and interest. We are offering online advertising services with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.


There are approximately 20 millions (67% of population) internet users in Malaysia.

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Luxury Design

Every design is carefully crafted to your business identity.

[fontawesome leaf class=”fa-2x”] Design for Visual Impression

Your WebShop works as your virtual shop on the internet, which providing the first impression before your prospects get to your real bricks and mortar shop. Based on human psychology, the color theme, layout style, font type and all design elements are curated to bring out the impression that represent you and your business on your WebShop.

[fontawesome smile-o class=”fa-2x”] Design for Usability

Design is about human. Besides being beautiful, the colors, layout and typography are taking into account of readability. The position of navigation menu, buttons, are placed in the position which is most convenient to users. The content on WebShop is ought to be curated so that users can reach their desire information in less clicks possible.

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Reach Prospective Crowd

WebShop is integrated with Social Media.

WebShop let you integrate your social media such as
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and etc on your business website.

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Works on multiple devices

WebShop is adaptable and looks good on different screen sizes.

WebShop recognizes the screen size of your users, and present your content to your users in the way that is elegant and optimize for their screen size.

Not another “m.yourwebsite.com”

When “yourwebsite.com” is mobile friendly, it works across different device, hence there is no need to create another website just specific for mobile user. Save your users time from remembering another website address for their mobile phone.

As the number of mobile phone and tablet users is increasing, having a mobile friendly website for your business is crucial.

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Reliable Supports

Our commitment to our clients.

When using WebShop, we are always there for you when you need us. We will take care of the technical part so that you can concentrate on handling your business.

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Selling Online

Expand Your Business Online

[fontawesome cubes class=”fa-2x”] Easy Products Management

Manage your products with unlimited category, scheduled discount pricing, coupon with conditions, stock keeping, tax, shipping fees, variation, and many more features.

[fontawesome check-square-o class=”fa-2x”] Automatic Orders Management

With WebShop, you can handle your orders with no hassle. The system will help you to email order details, invoice, receipt and note to your customers automatically.

[fontawesome shopping-cart class=”fa-2x”] Secure Payment Gateways

With WebShop, you can receive payment beside bank transfer, with payment gateway such as iPay88, MolPay or Paypal.


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WebShop Package

Search Engine Optimized

WebShop is built to be search engine friendly.

Luxury Design

Your WebShop is designed to reflect your business features.

Selling Online 24/7

Your WebShop never sleep, it is selling onlline days and nights.

Social Media Ready

WebShop can be connected with your social media such as Facebook.

Mobile Friendly

WebShop is mobile friendly and works nicely with smart phones and tablets.

Live Map

WebShop is equipped with live Google Map, which let users find your location easier.

User Friendly

Manage your WebShop with easy product and order management system,

Secure Payment Gateway

Selling with famous and secure payment gateway such as Paypal, MolPay and iPay88.

Reliable Support

Our commitment to our clients, we are always there when you need us.



  • Free Domain Registration
  • 1GB Web Hosting
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products, Unlimited Products Categories
  • Product Management System
  • Pricing and Coupon Management
  • Order Management System
  • Tax Management
  • Shipping Fees Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • Mobile Responsive
  • SEO Ready
  • Free One Facebook Fanpage Design
  • Free 1000pcs Spot UV Name Card
    (Available until 31st August 2015)
  • No hidden cost

With 3 option of maintenance plans:

12 Months Basis
RM 99/month

36 Months Basis
RM 95/month
(Save RM 140)
60 Months Basis
RM 88/month
(Save RM 660)

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